Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor
Managing Partner

Venture Capital



Finding the right leaders for venture capital firms and portfolio start-ups is a complex undertaking. Investors must have a balance of vision and process and passion – pairing good instincts for sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities with a keen understanding of the marketplace and what it takes to create lasting value. While executives in a start-up environment need to be able to focus their organization’s strategic plans and drive them forward.

If you want to attract the most desirable and in-demand talent in this fast-moving environment, partnering with the right executive search firm is of critical importance.

With the exact right mix of resources, reach and experience in this market, Caldwell Partners is perfectly situated for this niche. Our strength and success are attributed to a core group of partners who share deep domain knowledge, relevant search experience and significant operational expertise with our venture capital clients.

In short, we know the market inside and out. Our highly specialized team of partners knows the back stories of all of the major players involved on both the operating and investing side, and can attract, influence and maintain proven candidates who can deliver critical value and open the doors to new opportunities for our customers.