Today, real estate companies are reassessing their business and long term potential in this ever changing economic environment.

The dynamic nature of the real estate industry requires strong organizational stewardship, and as a result, a new breed of executive is in demand. Real estate leaders must have deep industry knowledge, a forward-thinking perspective and the ability to lead and manage amidst uncertainty.

The members of our Real Estate Practice cover all segments of real estate market, addressing human capital requirements from senior management to the “C-suite.” Many of our consultants have worked within the industry – an experience that affords them unmatched market knowledge and valuable contacts in a wide range of organizations.

The Real Estate Practice at Caldwell Partners emphasizes a team approach and collaboration, working with our colleagues in all our offices to conduct searches that cross industry sectors, borders and functions to recruit the most qualified candidates for our clients. With our extensive market experience, we have expertise in Real Estate Investment, Finance, Development, as well as Corporate Real Estate and Services & Consulting.